Tuesday, April 3, 2012

my moms new car

my mom with her new car

                                This is my mom.Now as you can tell, 1 she's really pretty. Alright and                                  so is her car.Now I am telling you about the color,  white now there           
                                       is a van right beside her it is white just like her new car!                                                 

this is the whole car 
                                This is the whole car.It is so much fun to ride in.And it so easy to drive.
                                That is what my mom said.The rain that we had was so muddy!

  You guys should  go and get a cool car like this one if you can and tell me if you  do it..                              







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  1. Sweet! I got a new car last week and now planning to drive it around the town this coming weekend.

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