Monday, April 2, 2012

my little dog

this is my dog sadie

 she likes grass a lot!!!

 but she likes water way better

and she likes to eat flowers!!

Doesn't she look pretty in the flowers?

now shes going to the flowers to eat them!

Now I am going to tell you about Sadie Jane. That is her name, but we
all call her Sadie. She is a really good dog and.She eats a lot of stuff.
She has a friend it is our dog too his name is Conner, he is good too.
She likes to play in water. And she likes to play ball.And she likes
to play in the flowers.And she's really pretty the only thing that we all
don't like is that she chews to many things.Like our socks, and our
toys, and our bags, and pillows. Just about any thing she can find.
And some times we by her brand new balls.And all she dose is
chew them up.But i still love her.And i like to sleep with her.I
 got her for my birthday.When I was turning seven.And now my
birthday is coming up again!But i don't need another dog.
Nothing can replace Sadie.I love her so much!

now you guys should go and adopt a dog it would
make me happy and if you do i hope its cute! 

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