Tuesday, October 2, 2012


 This is a story i wrote.

Ms. Penny is a school teacher. one day she was in the class room writing on the board,when Tom said
"Ms. Penny!" she said."what's wrong!" tom said"I cut my foot! It Hurts really BAD HELP ME!" Ms. Penny said: "SOMEBODY GET DR. WILSON FAST!" so Rose ran. When she got there he was no there. Rose said, "Where's Dr. Wilson?" John the store man said, "He left town for a few day's. What's wrong Rose?"  "Tom cut his foot. It looks really bad!", she said.  "Oh no! Well, my brother Tim used to be a doctor, I'll try to get him to come. "  
A few minutes later John said, "Tim is sick!"

Ann was running from the school. She said, "Where's the doctore?"  Rose said, "He is out of town."  At the time Mrs. Jane was walking by. She just happened to this she, "Well, my father is a doctore. He is at my house right now. I'll go get him right now. I'll meet you at the classroom."  When they all got there there was blood all over the place so doctoer took care of it. He was very weak. He had to go straight home. Doctor Wilson saw Tom limping to his house with his mother. Dr. Wilson said," Why are you limping, Tom?"  Tom said, " I cut my foot when you were out of town!"  "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gone out of town."

"It's okay. I'll heal fast."