Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my art prochet

this is my set up for art
now i got all my art stuff set up how does it look
i hope you like it because i love it and if you do
not like it that is fine

i am drawing Ronan
now i am going to tell you a little bit about ronan
first thing is he so so cute and his favorite color is black
and he just loves his friends

me working on Ronan
here i am all most done but i still have a lot of
work to do and my favorite things are drama tr
and i love to take photos but i love do crafts

me all most done with Ronan
and here i am all most done with ronan i have the out line done
and now all i have to do is color it in and i am done

and all at the end he looked so cut

Monday, January 30, 2012

little kiska


                                   Kiska with her bike/her sister
                                         Little Kiska she loves her bike. When I mean she loves
                                         her bike, I mean it is her sister. Well that is what she thinks.
                                         That sure is really wield.Because i am her sister not a BIKE!!

                                 little kiska with her bike/sister
                                         Now she is on her her bike, or her sister. Well i do not
                                         know if she would call it her bike or her sister? 

                                                kiska on the turn!
                                         well i do not have very much to say about this one but
                                         i think she is turning with the bike. Well that is what it
                                                                  looks like to me!

                                          kiska and a horse out side

                                         she loves the horse to.She likes to pretend that she is a
                                         cowgirl.And that is all i got to say about Kiska and her

                                                  kiska out playing

                                           kiska is on a swing  and she calls that her horse to.
                                                     Now shes cute but really wield!

                                            kiskas favorite thing
                                         kiskas favorite thing. She is on a four wheeler.Man she loves
                                                         thews things.Is it she CUTE!!!!!!

                                  well i think she is cute

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Crafty Farm Girl is Born

 My Summer Project

This is my favorite part.

This is the face.

This is my mom's favorite part.

Ain't it SO cute?!